Apex Legends

Breathe ’em and Weep – Gas Tactics for Caustic

Today, you learn how to play our one true lord.

Beautiful. Now join me as a Caustic main, and reign terror and confusion on your enemies.

Caustic is a Large-Rig character, meaning, like Gibraltar and Pathfinder, he’s one of the easier legends to land shots on. While this is a disadvantage, it shouldn’t come into play very often if you play him right. Caustic’s kit consists of gas traps and a gas grenade, and an immunity to his own traps. He can have 6 (SIX!) Traps down at a time, with a maximum of 3 ‘charges’ that refill when he throws them out. His ultimate is the grenade, a throwable that covers more than double the area a trap does. And best of all, enemies in his gas can’t sprint, lose health even if they have a shield, and get highlighted for Caustic to see. Watch where you step, it could be your last.

The best way to play Caustic is to use his traps as they give you a huge advantage, so it stands to reason you should try and play in the most enclosed spaces possible. Places like Bunker, Artillery, and Market are your best bet. After that it’s important you move to the new zone IN ADVANCE to find a good position and set up your traps while you wait for other teams to cross your path. If nothing happens, you can actually pick them back up and continue to the next spot. If you find a building already occupied by enemies, Caustic’s ultimate is an extremely effective way to flush them out, and has such a fast charge rate that you needn’t worry about wasting it. If you get caught in the open your options are limited, however, as you have no real advantages over others. One trick you can try is to throw your traps to try and block a few shots, but that’s about all you got.

Overall Caustic is an extremely fun legend to play when he has the positioning he needs, and aside from his Rig size has no real disadvantages. So go and enjoy watching your enemies choke in a room filled with lethal gas – you’ve earned it.

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