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Sweep Men off their Feet! – A How-to Guide to Valkyrie

Alright lads, take this with a grain of salt. I don’t usually play heroes who use light attacks regularly. But Valkyrie is a stone cold badass, so she gets an exception. She’s earned her stripes a s a Viking, hitting every criteria needed. She’s brutal, deadly, and shouts at the top of her lungs. And shes got the horns, so…

So Valkyrie is a Hybrid assassin/vanguard hero, and to date the only hero with a deflect and a standard guard. That’s two pluses already. Shes also got dodge lights in every direction and, I make no exaggeration, every variation of light and heavy combo. Triple heavy? Check. 2 lights and a heavy? You know it. The world is your oyster, and she can crack it open with a lightning fast shield bash from a heavy soft feint. She also has some unique light finishers, where if she finishes the combo with a  side light it will whack the enemy with her shield, stunning and knocking them around, with the possibility of wall splatting them, guaranteeing a heavy. Best of all though is her Spear Sweep finisher, which she can do in place of the third hit of any combo. On a successful hit, the enemy is knocked down and she can follow up with a special high damage attack. If you miss though, your recovery is so goddamn slow a Shugoki can throw a lazy heavy and make contact, so there’s that.

She can style on people too, with plenty of great customization options and well done executions to keep you interested. All in all, Valk is a solid hero, with a whole host of options, and probably the closest thing to assassin I’ll ever play.

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