For Honor

My Hopes and Dreams of Wielding a Warhammer

With Season 10 around the corner and the predicted release order thrown out the window with the upcoming addition of the Samurai’s axe-demon, it’s time to speculate (and pray) about the next release. The Viking’s warhammer wielding hero.

Now it’s a 50/50 shot for the next release being a Viking or a Wu Lin, but I’m leaning Viking. Why? Simply put, the Wu Lin were just released at the end of last year, giving them the most “new” heroes as of late. So with the Tiandi, Nuxia, Shaolin, and Jian Jung still being 4 of the 6 newest heroes, it’s probably time for the Viking’s to get one, as the last one they received was Shaman way back in Season 4.

I’m thinking this hammer-wielding badass will be a heavy, as that’s been the trend for this year. I predict he’ll have a kit full of slow, high damage moves, with a bash that can be soft feinted, and a host of unblockable attacks, since a hammer’s whole shtick is to smash through enemy defenses.

Here’s hoping we only have to wait the couple months to try him out.

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