Rainbow 6 Siege

The Hills Stole my Eyes and I can’t Step Anywhere – New Operators on the Horizon

With the Invitational over, Siege gets ready for Operation Burnt Horizon and two new operators – Gridlock and Mozzie. These Aussie ops add some out of the box instruments to the game, with Gridlock’s “Trax Stinger’s” forcing roaming defenders to find another way back to point or risk getting tetanus from these high tech caltrops. Mozzie, on the other hand, will deploy a “Pest” that can, in some way or another, capture attacker drones that she can then use as surveillance devices for the defending team.

The way I see it it boils down to this. If the attackers can get into the building and set up near point, Gridlock will make it very hard for roamers to flank them, and maybe even funnel them one way if they can take the objective. If the attackers don’t hurry in the building, Mozzie gives the defenders a huge advantage by allowing the defenders access to movable cameras, something only Valkyrie has had access to until now. We’ll have to wait and see how much they effect the games they’re played in.

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