Rainbow 6 Siege

Ubisoft Learns how to Use the Reverse Card

One of Siege’s biggest issue is teamkilling. Someone has a bad round, says something that gripes another, or even just trolls their team by shooting a couple of teammates in the head before being booted by the system. But with a new system implemented on the test servers, those days might soon be over.

Thank. God.

Over on the Siege TTS, a new report system is in place for when you get TK’d (Teamkilled). You can tell the server if it was an accident or not. If you say it was, it’s no harm no foul (besides you being dead). IF it wasn’t, though, the server remembers. We all ‘member. and the next time that person tries to shoot a teammate, the damage done will instead be reflected back at the shooter, potentially killing themselves.

Players have been asking for both the TK Report and “No U” damage features for a while now, so it’s perplexing that Ubi waited this long to make it. But from the response so far it seems that people are happy and the update should roll through in the near future, and all the trolls can cry in unison.

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