Rainbow 6 Siege

And as March turns to April, Siege gets Weird

Hoooo boy.

Embracing April Fool’s Day and it’s fringe community, Ubisoft decided to add a new game mode and some very out-there skins.

Like, really out there:

The game mode is a special Hostage, Plane only playlist, to save this guy:


Along with the game mode, there are a medley of skins, headgear, and charms to unlock. You get one special Alpha Pack for free, and one more if you complete the special challenge by destroying 40 attacker drones. That’s right, 40. I recommend picking either Bandit and setting up some quick shock wires, or Smoke since he has the least set up out of the limited defender choices and can focus on destroying drones. If you’re attacking, there’s nothing special you can do, so just try and complete the normal weekly challenges if you want to.

All in all, it is a very “out there” update that while works for April Fools, is a lot of effort and time spent for something that doesn’t fit into the general Siege attitude. I find myself wishing they’d spent that time working towards normal skins for those operators, or maybe reworking some character models like they have been the past couple months.

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