For Honor

Brace Yourselves, the Rabbids are Coming

Men, we stand here today against our greatest enemy yet….

Dear God.

Ubisoft, continuing with its April Fool’s shenanigans, added these little mongrels into For Honor this week. All minions are replaced with derpy rabbids, and all menu sounds now emit a shout, scream, or other squeaky toy-esk noise. While it’s less “in your face” than Siege’s April Fool content, the community is more split about it. Many site it as “too far” for the usually gritty and serious melee fighter, while others appreciate the joke.

I rather enjoy the content, as its a fun character and rather enjoyable to smash dozens of them on the battlefield. Unlike Siege, however, these little guys won’t stay the entire week, so stand fast and enjoy (or hate) the horde while they last….

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