Apex Legends

One More Reason to Pick up those Energy Rounds – The Havoc Rifle is Here!

Bringing the energy weapon count up to an unimaginable 3, Apex introduced the Havoc Rifle last week. This sucker is lighter and more accurate than the Devotion, and has a shorter but still present spin-up time before firing. Taking all the standard rifle attachments, plus the “Turbocharger” Hop-Up attachment, it’s a force to be reckoned with at close to medium range.

Using this gun myself left me a tad disappointed, as it had a similar fire rate to the Devotion but a much smaller magazine. I felt like I could never down a target without using 2-3 reloads worth of ammo, and the spin-up time always threw me off, just like it did with the Devotion. Still, it has its merits. With a  decent barrel stabilizer this gun is accurate as can be, and the fire rate is high enough to make someone worry if you can hit your shots.

All in all, the Havoc is a welcome addition to Apex, especially since the game is only a couple weeks old and they’re already adding new weapons. A good sign that Respawn wants to keep the game relevant and it’s players on their servers.

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