By: Lainah Mangwiza

Lazy productivity creates a bit of an oxymoron. However, the logic behind this phrase is rooted in the idea that laziness approaches productivity by finding the most efficient and least energy demanding solution. With summer preparation underway, this article aims to provide a quick but effective workout regiment requiring minimal effort while yielding maximum results.

Never Leave Your Bed

The daunting task of waking up to go to the gym can be replaced by a complete full body workout without leaving the comfort of your bed. Tighten and tone your arms, abs and legs with a diverse range of work outs. Healthline offers 5 Exercises You Can Do In Bed which can be done interchangeably with Bustle’s 15 Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving Your Bed .

Chore Cheats

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis or NEAT for short describes the act of using energy for activities other than sleeping, eating or any other sport-like activity. Chore completion is a form of NEAT. The simple act of cleaning your windows inside and outside can burn up to 180 calories per hour. Kill two birds with one stone by tallying each chore completed as an exercise. Tina Cadler suggests 11 Ways To Turn Chores Into A Workout .

Commercial Breaks

For the non-premium YouTube to Hulu account holders, the sight of a commercial/ad has become commonplace. The skip button not even optional occasionally. Optimize these brief breaks with commercial break workouts that eliminate the dilemma associated with deciding whether to workout or binge watch a new show. Jay Dantzler provides a great workout at Jay Dantzler and Men’s Health Workout for Football Commercial Breaks

Fitness can be approached in many ways. It is best sometimes to approach it by incorporating workouts into your current routine.