By: Laura Dobke

Attention incoming freshmen. Are you nervous, excited, or anxious about transitioning to college? Soar into the new school year early and meet new friends, learn the ins and outs of campus life, and find tips and tricks to ensure a successful transition to UW-Whitewater with ULEAD. 

Many students each year feel the stress and pressure of transitioning to college. ULEAD is a program to help ease that transition and help you become the most successful Warhawk you can be to start the year off on the right foot. ULEAD is a 3-day program for first year students who want to focus their first year on success, involvement, and meeting people.

To teach you a bit about the program, I have compiled some of the benefits and opportunities in ULEAD and explain why you should apply today!

  • Early move-in: ULEAD allows students to move into their hall early with no additional fees!
  • Make new friends in your hall: You will be partnered in groups based on your hall where you will have opportunities to connect with individuals who live only a short distance away.
  • Find your classes and navigate your way around campus: During the program your ULEADer will show you around campus and help assist you in finding your classes before the first day of classes begin.
  • Meet student leaders and find ways to get involved on campus: You will have opportunities to connect with and learn from campus leaders about their organizations and opportunities to get involved on campus. Find your passion on campus; I can guarantee you that there is something for everyone.
  • Develop a first-year success plan: Plan out your first year to succeed inside and outside the classroom and become acclimated with the different tools and resources campus provides to students. 

In addition to the benefits of ULEAD, some of the events/activities Warhawks will participate in include: 

  • Campus and class tour
  • Skill development and cultural awareness
  • Involvement and classroom success plans
  • Panel discussions and tips from current Warhawks
  • Meals together
  • ULEAD graduation and more!

ULEAD is designed to offer learning opportunities, connecting with others, and learning about our campus and community. I started my first year off in ULEAD and I have helped lead the organization every year since. This program is perfect for establishing connections and confidence in Whitewater. ULEAD helped me discover what I was passionate about on campus and helped me make Whitewater home. 

ULEAD starts with U! Register today for one of the 100 spots available! Apply today at For more information, visit ULEAD’s website and follow us on Facebook at