Whether you picked up your Take and Make kit from outside of Roberta’s Art Gallery or are checking out this craft on your own time, for your Tassel Paper Clip Bookmark craft you should have the following materials:

  • Embroidery string
  • Paper clip
  • Tassel Maker

Not included in kit:

  • Scissors

Step 1: Before you start to do anything with your string, make sure that you set a piece aside for step 4, where you’ll be tying your tassel together with that piece of string. Once you’ve set that aside, start to wind your string around the tassel maker. Since the tassel maker is a rectangle, wind your string over the shorter in width part of the rectangle. Repeatedly wind your string around the rectangle, overlapping it until you have wound all of your string onto the tassel maker. This may take around 20 times.

Step 2: Take your paper clip, and bend the outside end of the paper clip outwards so that it will fit through the tassel maker, under your embroidery string.

Step 3: With your embroidery string still on the tassel maker, fit your paper clip underneath the string where there’s the gap in the top of the tassel maker. Once you’ve done that, to keep everything secure, bend your paper clip back into place, while it’s still threaded underneath the embroidery string.

Step 4: Remove your tassel maker by carefully sliding it off of the string. Next, take the piece of string you set aside, and lay it out, placing your wounded string bundle on top of the one piece of string to tie a knot, securing your tassel to the paper clip. Feel free to trim off the excess pieces of string after tying the knot. Pro tip: try to tie the string as close to the paper clip as you can, that way your tassel will be more secure.

Step 5: Your tassel paper clip bookmark is almost done! Just cut the string where the top of the loop of the tassel is, breaking up the string. Trim up any uneven ends, and there you have it! Your tassel paper clip bookmark is ready to make its new home in your current read, planner, notebook, or wherever else you intend on using it.

I hope you enjoy your new bookmark! Given that it’s almost the end of the school year, you can use this as a fun addition to your studying! You can even make this bookmark with your study buddies, classmates, roommates, friends, etc. Thanks for tuning in! As always, just keep crafting!