Somehow March has flown by, but we still have around a month and a half of the semester left. Many of us college students are beginning to feel drained and burned out at this point in the semester. You are not alone if you feel that way, and it is completely normal! Try reading these ways to get over that mid-semester slump, and remember, we are almost done with the 2020-2021 school year!

Prioritize your physical and mental health: Try to exercise or get outside as much as you can! Going on a short walk for a breath of fresh air is a great place to start, because walking not only gives you physical activity, but also gives you that mental recovery space. Try to eat foods that fuel and nourish your body, it will in turn give you more energy! Make sure you are eating enough food, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep. Don’t be afraid to take sick, rest, or mental health days off of school or work if you need them, your professors and supervisors will probably be more understanding than you think.

Balance: Balance is key! Try to get as close as you can to having the same amount of school and work time as you have rest, recovery, and social time. For example, if you had a long or draining day at school and work, try to take a similar amount of time to recover or do something for yourself if you can. But be careful- don’t let this led into procrastination.

Put down your phone: Now, before this scares you, this doesn’t have to happen for an extended period of time but take some time to unplug from your phone and your life within it. Be conscious of your daily screen time. You can even set screen time limits for apps on your phone to help you stick to this. This may be hard to do at first, but the more often you do it, the less dependent on your phone you will feel.

Sunday Selfcare: This does not have to be on Sunday’s but try to take on day of the week completely off school and work responsibilities and take a day for yourself. Use this day to recover and relax from the previous week, or to prepare for your upcoming week. Clean up/ organize your space, check over your calendar and/or planner, get some fresh air or exercise, eat your favorite food. Do something that you enjoy. You can do it!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: If you are struggling in a specific class, reach out to that professor. I am sure they’d rather help you than see you struggling and your grades suffering because of it. Call your family or friends to catch up. Lastly, there are always resources on every college campus that are there to help you through anything! If you feel that it might be time to get a tutor for a specific class, make sure to check out on how to schedule one of our free UW-W tutors. If you also feel the need to talk to a professional, you can reach out to our free campus mental health resources at

Have something to look forward to: This can be a fall/spring break, a fun weekend with your friends or family, even the end of the semester! Personally, I take things a week at a time and really try to unplug and take time for my personal life on the weekends. That way, I have the weekend as my something to look forward to every week! I recommend celebrating your small victories, maybe that’s turning in a big project, getting that grade you studied for, turning in a job application, killing an interview, etc. You should recognize even your small accomplishments, and in turn, it will keep you motivated.

This point in the semester is one of the toughest, but you can get through it! Try to keep these tips in mind when you’re having a hard time. Remember to take time for yourself and do things that will refuel you. Don’t forget to celebrate yourself; you should be your own biggest fan!