Looking to enjoy good food while staying in? Well, eating in has never been easier than with EatStreet and Toast Take Out. These two freebies from the app store are designed to bring the local cuisine Whitewater has to offer straight to the comfort of your dorm or home.

The Tight Budget Steals

Indulgence can be costly. Therefore, in a bid to save and enjoy it is vital to know all the possible deals available at your fingertips. Toast Take Out features Second Salem Brewing Co. Mid-week wing cravings is an actual thing. Fortunately, Second Salem holds a mouthwatering half-price Wing Wednesday that features notable mentions of their incredible BBQ, Asian Jerk and Garlic Parmesan wings. It would be criminal to forget Taco Tuesday. Through EatStreet, everyday can be Taco Tuesday at home with Taco Fresco. Make sure to try their ridiculously affordable and filling Steak Taco. For all the spice lovers, the Asian Steak Taco will not disappoint!

Group Grubs

Planning to host? Avoid the stress of trying to meet everyones food preferences with a pizza or pizza(s) of your choice from Gus’s Pizza Palace! This local restaurant can be found on the EatStreet app. Presented with all these choices it’s understandable that one may feel overwhelmed. To ease the decision process, Gus’s thin crust is indisputably the best in Whitewater. So grab a slice and enjoy!

Sweet Tooth Spoils

There is always room for dessert! Be it one scoop of vanilla or two scoops of chocolate, everybody loves ice-cream. After digging into a cheesy slice of Gus’s it would be criminal to not indulge in one of the local ice-cream shops. Another treat spot on Toast Take out is The SweetSpot Bakehouse. Nothing can compare to freshly baked confectionary. The SweetSpot offers a plethora of delicious doughnuts, cakes and cupcakes. Better yet, pair a sweet red velvet cupcake with a hot or cold beverage from their Café.

If in doubt about what to eat next, hopefully this little food guide will be of use. The choices EatStreet and Toast Take Out offer expand further. So put away the cookbook and stop searching up 15-minute cooking recipes. Instead get comfortable on the hearty, rich and sweet cuisine offered by our local restaurants. Above all, indulge while you save and savor.