Which Meal Plan is Right for You?

Here at Whitewater we have many meal plan options for our students to choose from. It can seem overwhelming at the beginning but don’t worry because we are here to help!

Breaking Down Dining Periods:

Each day is divided into 4 meal periods: the breakfast and late night periods allow students to use 1 meal swipe. During the lunch and dinner periods students may use up to 2 meal swipes. 

There is a total of 6 meal swipes that can be used in a single day but it is up to the student to decide how to allocate their meal swipes for the week. 

Freshmen/Sophomores living on campus have the following options to choose from:

A weekly board plan featuring meal swipes per week with Add-on Dining Dollars or a Dining Dollar only plan.

Weekly Board Plan:

24 meals per week
Cost: $1,310
Students who are athletes or eat roughly 3 meals a day and/or students who plan to stay most weekends
19 meals per week
Students that eat 3 meals a day and plan to spend some weekends on campus
14 meals per week
Students who eat two meals a day and plan to stay some/most weekends
10 meals per week
Cost: $1,225
Students that eat 2 meals per day and do not plan to spend most weekends

Add-on Dining Dollars:

In addition to the weekly meal swipes students will purchase add-on Dining Dollars in the amounts of $50/$75/$100/$150. Dining Dollars can be used at any on-campus dining location. Many students chose to use their Dining Dollars for coffee or snack purchases, though you are able to use them to purchase additional meals for the week. Dining Dollars will roll over from fall to spring semesters but will expire at the end of spring.

Stuck between Meal Plans:

If a student is stuck between two meal plans the HawkCard Office recommends students choose the bigger weekly meal plan and a lower amount of Dining Dollars. Students can add more Dining Dollars at any point in the semester. If a student discovers that they would like to change their meal plan they will be allowed to make any changes during weeks 2 and 3 during the fall semester and the first 2 weeks of the spring semester. 

Full and Mega Dining Dollar Meal Plans for Students Living On-Campus:

Full Dining Dollar Meal PlanCost:
Redemption Value:
Dollars to spend per week: $58.44Meals per week: 6-7
Mega Dining Dollar Meal PlanCost:
Redemption Value:
Dollars to spend per week: $125.63Meals per week:

The difference you see in cost and redemption value is due to an overhead charge. This overhead charge is incorporated into every meal plan however it is the most apparent in the Dining Dollar Meal Plans because this plan is dollar for dollar. Students who choose Dining Dollar Meal Plans will have to carefully budget their meals and spending. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend this meal plan for freshmen.

Students Living Off-Campus

There are many options for students who are living off-campus because they are not required to have a meal plan. All the meal plans listed above are options but the HawkCard Office also offers MyMeals. MyMeals can be purchased in blocks of 25, 50 or 75 meals. Students are able to use these meals anywhere on campus where weekly board plans are accepted without any time restrictions. 

If you live in Cambridge, there are also options available to you! Please contact the HawkCard Office if you are interested in those options.

Please contact the HawkCard Office with any questions or concerns! We are here to help!

HawkCard Office

(262) 472-1437