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Thrift Haul with Grant

Hi all, This week I thought I would showcase the items that I picked up recently. The area that I thrift at is in the Madison area. I am pretty lucky because there are a lot of locations in the… Continue Reading →

The Current State of Thrifting

Hi all, Welcome to one of the last posts of the semester. We have gone over a lot of information in this blog so far. I thought for a final post I could have a wrap up blog that addresses… Continue Reading →

Selling on Mercari

Hello,Welcome back to my blog! This week we will be wrapping up the series talking about selling applications. I really hope this series has been informative and helpful for my readers. We kind of took a detour with this blog,… Continue Reading →

Selling on Poshmark… with Grant

Hey all,Welcome to my blog. If you are new here; my name is Grant and I like to thrift. I do it to find things for me and sometimes I do it because I want to find things to sell…. Continue Reading →

eBay with Grant

Hey all, Welcome back to another blog post. I’m your host and thrift “expert” Grant. If you haven’t been following along, we are focusing on reselling platforms. There is a strong connection between reselling and thrift stores. There are people… Continue Reading →

Thrift on Depop

Hey all, welcome back to another week and another post about thrifting… well sort of.  As I teased at the end of last week’s post, I will be starting a series where I talk about reselling. There is a strong… Continue Reading →

Thrifting to Resell.. With Grant

Hey all,This week I thought I would start any other series that focuses on reselling from thrift/charity shops. This has become such a huge phenomenon in recent years. There are many tools and applications that are out there now that… Continue Reading →

Thrift glassware…with Grant

Hey all, I am back with another collection post! This week I thought I would focus in on glassware. Glassware is interesting because I would consider it a catch-all for kitchenware. Most would think of cups or mugs, but I… Continue Reading →

Thrifted Clothing with Grant

Hey all, I’m back for another blog post for the week. This week I thought I would focus on clothing that I have found in the thrift, some I bought and some I left behind. This is a continuing series… Continue Reading →

Art with Grant

Hey all, welcome back to my blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the content thus far. This week I thought I would begin a series where I highlight a unique collection of items. These are items that I have… Continue Reading →

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