Big Boy 4014 / Steamtown National Historic Site

Welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is excited to learn some astonishing facts about trains. Today, I will be sharing some fun information about the infamous Big Boy 4014 owned but Union the pacific. We also will be learning a little about the steam town national Historic site and, of course, the link to it. “Union Pacific 4014, also known as the “Big Boy,” is a steam locomotive owned and operated by the Union Pacific (UP) as part of their heritage fleet.” When I tell you this train is enormous, it is the most considerable steam train on earth. The locomotive is 132 feet long and weighs a whopping 1.2 million pounds. INSANE. 4014 is the last of its kind as 25 of them were made into existence, and only eight remain today. 4014 is the only one that operates on the tracks of today out of the eight. This train is fascinating ready about. Next, the steam town national historical museum; here at this museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania, you can find the most American manufactured trains made since the beginning of steam engines. Also, where you can find the other existing seven trains that are no longer operating from the extensive boy fleet, visits from 4014 come into play. The site was made in 1986 on October 30th. Scary right, an old train yard with old trains preexisting since the beginning of time. Please remember to check out the website and look at the different trains and programs provided. Please remember to look through the post and comment your interest.

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