This is the final post before Christmas break and the last position that will be made on the trains page. Thankful for sharing this space to share my views on trains and showcase all the beautiful things I favor about them. Today’s post is pretty particular cause we will be discussing the Christmas train from polar express and the fantastic movie itself. The Polar Express train is a copy of the titular magical 2-8-4. The film, the American Berkshire-type steam locomotive, transports children to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. The locomotive pulls five passenger cars, including an abandoned toy car at the front and an observation car at the back. The real name of the train is the Pere Marquette 1225, a class “N-1” 2-8-4 “Berkshire” type steam locomotive built in October 1941 for the Pere Marquette Railway Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio. No. 1225 is one of two surviving Pere Marquette 2-8-4 locomotives. The other is 1223, which is displayed at the Tri-Cities Historical Society near the ex-Grand Trunk Western (GTW) coaling tower in Grand Haven, Michigan. It is perhaps most famous for serving as the basis for the locomotive in the 2004 film, The Polar Express. This train is fabulous and defines the traditional American high-class steam trains. The polar express got made into a children’s book before becoming a movie. The film got completed in 2004 and was the film in America, of course, and especially during the holiday season. I hope everyone has a great holiday break, and PLEASE watch the video and see the last picture on the page.

A Wisconsin Museum to check out

Introduce a train every week, AND I will still be introducing a train, but I decided to include a museum of trains that all can visit in Wisconsin. The East Troy Railroad Museum. It is a small museum that offers tours and rides on trains in Wisconsin, and all though it is small, it is charming and affordable. I recommend going to these after finals, during finals, after a long day, on a date, or maybe to get away from anything. It’s a charming area, and there are excellent places to eat within east troy. They also accept volunteers if anyone I looking for hours to service or need. “Like almost any other museum, the East Troy Railroad Museum exists because of its volunteers. The variety of tasks in the operation of a museum is amazingly wide. From answering the telephone to operating trains, many different kinds of people using many different kinds of skills come into play.” Back to the real reason you are here, though. We are going to discuss one of the most POPULAR trains in the world today. ICE trains. The Intercity Express. The Intercity Express is a system of high-speed trains predominantly running in Germany. It also serves some destinations in Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, primarily cross-border services. It’s also awesome because you can see these trains in the games recommended on the other page if you are curious to play them. These trains are all around and are also super face trains. They also use pantographs: a jointed framework conveying a current to a train, streetcar, or other electric vehicles from overhead wires. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s post and worked hard on your finals.