The Santa Fe Train/ Our first Game: Train Simulator

Welcome back, everyone, to the page about trains… Ride the Rails. Today will be a bit of a shift into some different topics of trains, and we will also be looking into some more media outlets of trains. I will most likely be posting more museums, but we will be stepping away from that. For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on some moves and games, and the first one I will be introducing is Train Simulator 2021. There are many previous versions, but this game is impressive and overly realistic per se. It includes tons of maps from all over the world and various trains, including some discussed within past and future posts. The game retails for about 60 bucks with over 600 add-ons, including different trains, maps, packs, scenery, and event add-ons. I have had this game since the version of railworks, so almost ten years now. I recommend it if you enjoy the engineering of trains and include driving them and maintaining them on the rails. Something new about our post is that we will be shifting from Steam to Diesel trains. Our first Diesel trains will be on the Santa Fe passenger diesel trains, which are popular in the Western part of the U.S. This train does not often get driven like in the past, EMD-7; however, there are various train rebuilds. The Sante Fe train was created in February 1949 – December 1953, and nearly 2,400 wear was built, with 1,500 boosters getting constructed. Boosters or Cabless cars are similar to the tender of a steam train. Helping diesel run and adding a more excellent look to the diesel train. We will discuss each topic more within the other pages, and remember to check out the new video of photos of the week. Have a good week 🙂

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  1. I think it’s fun that you can compare the real trains to a game and actually look at all of the engineering and things. The amount of games there are that help you learn even more about a topic is crazy!

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