A Wisconsin Museum to check out

Introduce a train every week, AND I will still be introducing a train, but I decided to include a museum of trains that all can visit in Wisconsin. The East Troy Railroad Museum. It is a small museum that offers tours and rides on trains in Wisconsin, and all though it is small, it is charming and affordable. I recommend going to these after finals, during finals, after a long day, on a date, or maybe to get away from anything. It’s a charming area, and there are excellent places to eat within east troy. They also accept volunteers if anyone I looking for hours to service or need. “Like almost any other museum, the East Troy Railroad Museum exists because of its volunteers. The variety of tasks in the operation of a museum is amazingly wide. From answering the telephone to operating trains, many different kinds of people using many different kinds of skills come into play.” Back to the real reason you are here, though. We are going to discuss one of the most POPULAR trains in the world today. ICE trains. The Intercity Express. The Intercity Express is a system of high-speed trains predominantly running in Germany. It also serves some destinations in Austria, Denmark, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, primarily cross-border services. It’s also awesome because you can see these trains in the games recommended on the other page if you are curious to play them. These trains are all around and are also super face trains. They also use pantographs: a jointed framework conveying a current to a train, streetcar, or other electric vehicles from overhead wires. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s post and worked hard on your finals.

5 thoughts on “A Wisconsin Museum to check out

  1. I drive through East Troy every time I go to my hometown for the weekend! This is super cool and I never knew there was a museum here so I may have to go check it out. Great post as always 🙂

  2. This museum is about a half hour drive east from the UW-Whitewater campus, although it is closed for the winter season. Come spring, I may consider going there at least one weekend.

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