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Bonding is super important with a new pup! You want them to get to know you, trust you, and love you. Give that puppy some love ! Show dominance, but don’t be too aggressive they can read you like a book. You want them to love you but not take ADVANTAGE of you. Make sure they know you are the boss. Bonding with your pup is the best part, they need you, they need love and you are the only one who can make them trust you. Dogs are smart lil guys, and they can tell of something is up with you. If you have a bad day, lean on them don’t take it out on them. Dogs are a mans (or woman’s) best friend. Enjoy your pups, they will worship you!

Bonding with other dogs can be harder. Getting your pups to love one another is important for a happy household. Make sure they have space at first, get them to play! Grab some tennis balls an take them to the park! Healthy competition = happy dogs.

this my baby Scooby! My first pei baby, my best friend forever 🙂

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  1. Hello Meaghan, thank you for, yet again, another cute post about dogs. I look forward to your posts because they give such a positive outlook on building relationships with your pets. Thank you for the heartwarming post!

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