Toys & Kobe update!

Hello, my fellow dog lovers❤️.
When you get a pup try to get a VARIETY of toys. That means you need: plush toys, ropes, squeakers, and throwing balls. Personally my dogs LOVE plush toys with rope arms, but with plush, you must clean up the mess when they destroy it :(. Don’t buy expensive toys! Especially when they’re stuffed, go to the clearance! Go to goodwill, walmart, pups go through toys quick.

Quick update with Kobe!

My significant other and I a rescued him from a breeder who had to take him from his previous home for neglect. He has serious skin issues, and is learning everything from scratch. We just took him to our vet, and now he’s on FOUR medications. My poor pup has a double ear infection, and a yeast/bacterial infection in his skin. I will post updates, as we see his skin heal!

One thought on “Toys & Kobe update!”

  1. Hello Meaghan,

    It was really refreshing to see such wholesome content on a homework assignment. I’m a big fan of dogs (recently became fond of cats as well). While my dream pet is a snake, I’ve always been a lover of the furry droolers. You offer a nice balance between dialogue and graphic stimuli, which I appreciate. If I am ever to get a dog, I will be sure to keep your suggestions in regard to toys in mind. Great post, it was fun to read.

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