What type of boundaries do you set? What’s appropriate? How do you set them.?

Hello my puppy lovers! Boundaries are important especially with a new pup, making sure you respect their boundaries and they respect yours. First rule, NEVER FEED TABLE SCRAPS WHILE EATING. Yes they are adorable.. but once you start its a horrible habit to kill. If you want to give them a treat feed them after dinner so they understand begging is not a good habit . Second rule, depends on how you are but if you don’t want them in your bed, start young! Same with your furniture, don’t allow it period. Get a spray bottle, most dogs do not enjoy getting splashed in the face , and it will kill the habit !

Boundaries don’t have to be hard to set, just stick to your rules and they will follow!
Stay cool,

Megs ❤️

One thought on “BOundaries”

  1. Hi Meghan,
    Thanks for explaining some of the things that can help with training a pup! I do not currently have a dog, but have always wanted to get one once I moved out on my own. I have always figured that feeding dogs table scraps was not a good idea, and have seen it result in some pretty terrible behaviors. I didn’t know that spray bottles work on dogs though; I use one on my cat but didn’t know it had the same effect. Thanks for sharing!

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