Why Shar pei?

I fell in love with shar peis from the moment I got my dog Scooby 7 years ago, a perfect wrinkly angel. Through the past 7 years I have learned how special shar peis really are, not only are they stubborn and sassy but they are protective and loyal. I can’t truly prove they are the superior breed 🙂 scientifically, I mean, BUT anyone who owns a shar Pei can tell you how much love a shar pei can truly bring to your life. I own 2 shar pei mixes, one shar pei cocker spaniel (Willow), and one shar pei pug mix (Scooby), my children. I swear these dogs are the biggest blessing I have, the love they have brung into my life is incredible, and I hope with this blog I can convince you to open your hearts to a beautiful shar pei baby. For those reading who already have a shar pei baby, I hope this blog can give you some help training, spoiling, and interacting these pups in this crazy world we live in. Major plus: you will get lots of pictures of my fur babies that will brighten your day!

Stay cool.

Megs 🙂

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