halloween special

Hi my dog lovers!

Tomorrow is Halloween! You know what that means? Time to find that perfect costume for your pups! This year we decided against it because of Kobes skin issues, but I think its important we talk about costumes for dogs… Where do you find them? Honestly my local Tractor Supply has the cheapest costumes and the cutest! Otherwise Petco Petsmart are also great options. Do not over dress your pups, I promise you they will hate it, and most likely give you the evil eye all night. Find a comfy and soft costume and nothing too tight. Go by the sizes listed on the costumes, they are usually by weight and height. So to save you a trip either bring your pup with or measure them before you take a trip to the store. The last few Halloweens have been CHILLY keep your pups warm! Be sure your dog is comfortable around children before you take them on the streets, you do not want your dog jumping on or attacking any sweet little children.


Be safe and cautious, those pups will be eager to steal your candy, stay away from giving them any.

Stay cool,

Megs 🙂

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