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This week is one of my favorite topics ! DOG PARKS!!!

My dogs love the park, especially in the summer. Its important to get your dogs exercised and active to promote a healthy lifestyle just like humans. We try to take our dogs to the park once a week, to get their blood flowing and for them to socialize with other dogs. THEY LOVE IT. If you’re from Walworth County, some of my favorite parks include:

  • Price Park (Elkhorn, WI)
  • Nature Land (Whitewater, WI): although this is not a dog park they have plenty of trails for the pups to explore and lots of people to get them socializing
  • Tails-N-Trails (Milton, WI)
  • Whitewater Bark Park (Whitewater, WI)
  • White River Dog Park (Lake Geneva, WI)

The majority of these parks are off leash parks where your pup can run freely in the gates and not have to worry about escaping. We normally go to Price Park because they have two large play pins that the dogs can run and meet new dogs often. This is one of the more popular parks in our area. Willow loves the park, her Daddy and her run laps together and she always passes out on the way home from a long workout. She is a feisty one that’s for sure! Kobe is a bit more reserved but once he gets going he never wants to leave.

Important rules of most parks include:

  • Clean up after your dog
  • Make sure your dogs are vaccinated
  • No aggressive/mean dogs
  • No littering
  • No smoking

Basic rules to keep the park clean and safe. I think Its important to know these rules in order for you and your pups to have a fun time.

Stay Cool,

Megs 🙂

Dog Park days

2 thoughts on “Dog Parks”

  1. What a good way to get some fresh air and get to enjoy it with your best companion! Also, I have a pet named Willow too. She’s a cat though, so the closest she gets to a dog park is roaming around the backyard lol. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Meaghan,
    Dog parks are an awesome idea, and when I get a dog I will surely be frequenting a spot where they can go to play and socialize with other dogs. Especially living in an apartment, it can be difficult for dogs to get the exercise that they need to thrive, so having somewhere they can go and not be confined to a small space all day surely helps with their health and the owner’s mental health. Thanks for the ideas of where I can take my dog once I get one!

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