KOBE! & New puppy & training tricks !

Wow, this year has FLOWN by, what a disaster of a year! With such a crazy year of changes, my boyfriend decided it was time to make a huge change, and…….. we got another dog ! Do you even have to ask what kind of dog? A shar pei 😉 duh…. KOBE! My little four month old pup eager and ready to learn.

So training huh? It seems like such a hard task! Repetition is going to be your savior, and well, me of course, I got some great advice for your new babe.


Don’t try to jump into training your dog how to dance, or roll over, the poor dog barely knows its name. Start with a sit, grab a bag of treats and push lightly on your dogs butt and say “Sit” praise and repeat. Repeat until your dog is sitting on their own with out a praising or a treat. Once they have the hang of sitting, move onto laying down. Have them sit first, grab a treat and let them smell it in your hand, slowly drag the treat down to the ground while saying lay down, give that pup a treat when they lay down and PRACTICE, it will take some time for them to remember it and you should practice daily for best results. More complicated training requires the basic commands of sit and lay down, introduce “Paw” commands by lifting their paw up and saying “good shake” almost all tricks will start by the dog laying or sitting so its very important to master these. Don’t get mad if they don’t learn it instantly, it takes time!


Its easy to walk away and stop training but why? Dogs are super intelligent creatures and can learn a lot of great things. Try to have fun with it , they’re your baby don’t make training a chore.

Till next time….

Stay Cool,

Megs 🙂

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