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This week we are going to talk about something very important…. SOCIALIZING those pups. Socializing your dog at a young age is essential, you want them to get used to playing and sharing just like a human kid.

First off, if you have more than one dog you may not need to socialize them as much as a dog who is solely living its best life.. alone and spoiled. Starting them by heading to the dog park once a week when they are dogs is great for interacting them with other dogs. You want your dog to learn the correct way to socialize with other dogs and not become a grumpy dog. Dogs need to sniff and analyze each other when they first meet, if you rescued a dog it may be harder because of the life it had before moving into its furever home (no I did not spell that wrong 🙂 ) With Willow our younger pup we started taking her to the park immediately when she was around 2-3 months. We took her to our local dog park and she made so many friends! One tip: make sure when you are interacting them you put them with a dog around their size , you don’t want to put a puppy with a huge mastiff and expect your dog to not be scared or intimidated. With Kobe it was a bit harder, since the abuse he endured in his previous home he was very skiddish even to our dog Willow, so when we introduced them, we did it very slowly. We made sure Kobe was comfortable with us and held Willow on a leash to let them sniff each other. Luckily for us they were playing within 10 minutes of meeting each other but it can go either way. I recommend when you take them to the park put them in a separate areas from the other dogs to let them get used to their environment then when they seem ready introduce them into the pin with other dogs.

Take it SLOW! Don’t rush it, and don’t give up. Puppys need friends too! Get together with your friends dogs and let them have a puppy play date! It will be nice for you and your dog 🙂

Stay Cool,

Megs 🙂

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2 thoughts on “PUppy Playdates”

  1. Hello Meaghan,

    As always, I love to see posts about any kind of animal. Your tips and tricks to raise a healthy and happy pup are great. I had a bulldog that I lost to a break up a while back, and we raised him from a puppy. It was my first dog and I wasn’t near educated enough to not make my litany of mistakes in raising the pup. We never introduced him to other dogs until he was about a year old, and as big and thick as my pup was, he seemed to be more aggressively curious than aggressive. The only time he was ever aggressive was when he didn’t get his way. A truly spoiled dog. I can only hope he’s grown out of that. Nonetheless, great post! I look forward to seeing more pups on your page in the future.

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