Top Paid MLB Players

Major League Baseball players get paid millions of dollars. I will be discussing some of the top paid players in 2022. To start off the number one paid Player is Max Scherzer. Scherzer has a three year contract with the New York Mets and it is $130,0000,000. On average his yearly salary is around 43 million. He is a pitcher for the Mets and makes the most money out of all the MLB players currently.

The next player that is paid the most is Corey Seager. He plays for the Texas Rangers and has a 10 year contract with them at $325,000,000. His average yearly salary is $32,500,000. He is a shortstop and is known for has a lot of experience in the MLB post season making him a valuable player.

In third place for the top paid players is Anthony Rendon. He has a 7 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels for $245,000,000. His average salary is more than Seagers, but the contract amount is less. He is a third baseman and makes around $35,000,000 a year.

Other top paid players in 2022 include Gerrit Cole for the Yankees, Mike Trout for the Angels, Carlos Correa for the twins, and Miguel Cabrera for the Tigers. All of these players all have annual salaries over $30,000,000.

The top teams that pay their players the most are the New York Mets and Yankees, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The MLB players that get paid the least are from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, and Arizona Diamondbacks. Since I am a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers I decided to look into what rank they are in for payroll and they were towards the bottom. They were in 20th place and there are 30 teams in the MLB.

MLB Standings

The 2022 Major League Baseball season began a couple a weeks ago, so I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on the teams standings. Currently, in the American League the teams that are in the lead in their division are the Cleveland Guardians, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Los Angeles Angels. In the National League the Saint Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in leading their division. Overall, the team with the most wins throughout both leagues is the New York Mets. As of right now the Mets have 10 wins and only 4 losses. The team with the worst record is the Cincinnati Reds. They have the most losses between all of the teams right now with currently 11 losses and only 2 wins.

The Brewers are currently in second place in the central division and only have one less win than the Saint Louis Cardinals. The Brewers currently have had 8 wins and 5 losses so far this season. They have had a rough start to the season, but hopefully as the season goes on they will start to perform better and be more consistent. A few updates on the Brewers players is that right now Andrew McCutchen has the highest batting average for the team at .261. Willy Adames and Rowdy Tellez each have 7 runs for the team which is the most out of all of the other players. Tellez also has 3 home runs for the Brewers which is the most out of everyone else.

Below is a little information on the standings for the Brewers Players:

Brewers Win on 4/14

On Milwaukee 4/14 day the Brewer’s ended the game with a win! This is exciting after they have had a rough start against the Chicago Cubs. They ended up winning the series against the Baltimore Orioles after the Cubs series. Right now the Brewers record is 4 wins and 3 loses. The score of last night’s game on 4/14 ended up being Milwaukee Brewers 5 and the St. Louis Cardinals 1. The Brewers had a total of nine hits and the Cardinals had a total of five. The Brewers did end up having two errors. The Brewers had a good start to the game with getting at least one run in the first three innings. They play another game tonight against the Cardinals at 7:10 pm for the second game of the series.

Below is a picture of Omar Narvaez the catcher for the Brewers from the game last night.

How the Brewers won their home opener over the Cardinals | Baseball |

I will be going to the game this evening and I hope that they can pull off another win. I am looking forward to going to my first game of the season. I wish the weather was a little bit nicer though so I could enjoy tailgating before the game. It will still be a lot of fun though being able to go and watch the game. Maybe it will start to warm up soon and fans will be able to tailgate with nice weather. I know that is one thing I am really looking forward to doing this summer.

It’s Here!

The Major League Baseball 2022 season started yesterday on April 7th. It is exciting that the season has officially began. One of the major events that happened this past opening day was that the Diamondbacks beat the Padres with a walk-off home run. Until then the Diamondbacks did not have a single hit until the 9th inning. Seth Beer a left fielder for the Diamondbacks hit the winning home run. The ironic thing about Beer having a walk-off home run for the Diamondbacks is that it was also National Beer Day. What a crazy coincident. Below is a picture of the Diamondbacks celebrating.

Below are some of the final scores from Opening Day:

Mets: 5 Nationals: 1

Astros: 3 Angels: 1

Diamondbacks: 4 Padres: 2

Cubs: 5 Brewers: 4

Royals: 3 Guardians: 1

Cardinals: 9 Pirates: 0

Reds: 6 Braves: 3

Most of the games were pretty close scores. The Cardinals however dominated the game against the Pirates. The Cardinals had a total of three home runs throughout the game and did not let the Pirates score at all.

Unfortunately, the Brewers could not pull through with a win against the Cubs. It was a close game throughout, but the Brewers could not finish with the win. Hopefully they will step up their game and win the series.

It will be exciting to watch this season and keep up with all the different teams and players. I will be going to my first Brewers game of the season a week from today when they play the Cardinals. The Cardinals came out strong for Opening Day so it should be a good series to watch.

What’s New?

The new Major League season is approaching. There are a few new rules this 2022 season that you should know about.

To start off, the rosters are now 28 players instead of the original 26 players. This will be in effect between both sides until May 2nd. The reasoning behind this is because the lockout lasted long, and it gives the teams some time to find their completed roster without a rush.

Another new rule is that the pitcher can be the designated hitter for the whole game even if they stop pitching. This lets the pitcher stay in the game without having to pitch all nine innings.

There will now be a universal designated hitter. Now there will be designated hitters in both the American and National League. This is definitely one of the bigger changes to the MLB this year and will be interesting to see it come into action.

Now when there are extra innings there will be an automatic runner that starts on second base. This was a new rule due to the pandemic and it continues through the 2022 season as well.

Lastly, when there is a doubleheader games will be nine innings now. They used to be seven for the last couple of seasons because of the pandemic, but they now have changed back to nine.

These new changes to Major League Baseball will make for an exciting 2022 season. The new season is just around the corner and I am very excited. I will be going to my first MLB game of the season in just a couple weeks for a Brewer game. That time of year is finally coming!

Opening Day

Play Ball!

Major League Baseball is almost back for the 2022 season. Fans and I are excited for the first day of baseball to be back. It is great to know that the 99 day lockout is over and we can just enjoy the season. The first day of baseball begins on April 7th, so it is just around the corner. It is just 12 days away.

A few games that are scheduled for that day are:

  • White Sox at Royals
  • Mets at Nationals
  • Brewers at Cubs

There are other games scheduled for the 7th, but if a team does not play then they will begin the next day on the 8th.

I am excited to keep up with how the Brewers preform this year, because last year was such a great season for them. It will be interesting to see how the first series goes against the Cubs. Hopefully they can start off strong and win the series to start the season. I can not wait until I get to go back and watch Baseball at the stadium. I am planning on going to a Brewer game sometime soon. I was looking at ticket prices and they are cheaper than I expected them to be. This will be good if they stay this affordable so I can go to a lot of games this season. I would also like to possibly go to another ballpark other than American Family Field this summer. Maybe I will get down to Wrigley Field and watch a Cubs game.

Let the MLB 2022 Season Begin!

The Best MLB Parks

I have been to many different Major League Ballparks. I would have to say that my favorite one was the Miami Marlins stadium. I like how spacious it was and the view of downtown Miami is very beautiful. The weather was really nice the day I went to the stadium so it was enjoyable to go up to the top of the stadium and look at the view. They also have a roof so when it gets unbearably hot they can close it, and everyone can be at a comfortable temperature in the stadium. The Milwaukee Brewers also have a closing roof in their stadium, but that is mostly because of how cold it gets there. It is really nice to know that I will not be freezing or super hot when I am watching a baseball game. That is one reason I like the American Family Field where the Milwaukee Brewers currently play at.

Below I put together a list of some of the top MLB ballparks.

San Fransisco Giants

I have been to Oracle Park where the San Fransisco Giants play. I actually went there for one of the games for the World Series back in 2014. It is such a pretty stadium with a great backdrop of the Ocean. If the weather is not to cold it is truly a great experience.

Chicago Cubs

Even if you are not a Chicago Cubs fan you should definitely go check it out. It is a great experience filled with many different baseball traditions. This stadium is the second to oldest MLB stadium which gives it a unique architecture.

Kansas City Royals

I have been to Kauffman Stadium a few different times. They have pretty fountains located in the outfield and a big score screen with a crown on top. The lights in the stadium make it a great time when it is a night game.

The Lockout is Over!

Good news for MLB players and fans!

MLB fans and I were so excited to hear the news that the MLB lockout is now over. This past Wednesday there was an agreement to end the lockout. There will be a 2022 MLB season! I was starting to get worried that there would be no baseball this year, because it was not looking too good with the lockout situation. Now that the season is back on I will definitely be going to a few games this season as well as watching them on the TV.

A little background on my interest in baseball is that I never used to be a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan until I moved to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area around six years ago. I have been a Kansas City Royals fan for many years now, but I have started to grow into a Brewers fan the longer I have lived here. I am planning on going to a few Milwaukee Brewers game this summer as well as in the fall. I went to a handful of games last season and it was an amazing time. I love getting to go to these games with my family and friends while being able to watch a great game of baseball.

It is great to know that the MLB season is back on and this has made many fans and I excited for the 2022 season to begin. Spring training is set to start back up around the middle of March, and on April 7th the season is supposed to officially start. Fans be ready, baseball is back!

The Best MLB Food

One of my favorite things about going to a baseball game is the food. Whether it be the ice cold soda, nachos, or hotdogs I always leave full. I have been to a variety of MLB stadiums and i have tried many different foods. One thing that I wish is that it would not be so expensive to eat. Last year, when I went to a few games I would easily spend around twenty to thirty dollars just on food. If it was a little more affordable to eat at the ballpark that would be nice. Even drinks are so expensive! It is like five dollars for a fountain drink and around ten for a beer. Crazy!

I found a list of a few of the fan favorite ballparks just for their food! Here are the top three.

1.Seattle Mariners

Look at those delicious fries!

2. Minnesota Twins

Bloody Marys! With Hamburger sliders? Wow!

3. New York Mets

Not just your plain old ice cream. Ice cream in a tasty glove!

I have been to both the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins ballparks. From what I remember is that the food was nothing short of amazing. I loved getting to try all the different foods while watching the baseball game. It honestly is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I cannot wait to try more ballparks food in the future. I would say that out of all professional sports, baseball has the best food options. They usually have regular stadium food and also restaurants throughout the stadium making it easy for someone to find something they like.

Who were the top MLB players in 2021?

  1. Shohei Ohtani

The number one player in baseball of last year would be Shohei Ohtani. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Angels. His position is a pitcher and made his debut to the MLB in 2018. He is not just a great pitcher, he also has great hitting. In 2021 he had 46 homeruns and also struck out 156 players. It will be interesting to see how great he can do in the upcoming season.

2. Juan Soto

This player plays for the MLB National League for the Washington Nationals. Soto is known for his outstanding hitting and has a great on base percentage of .465. It is hard to for pitchers to get an out when he comes to the plate. He had a total of 29 homeruns in the 2021 season and also joined the MLB in 2018.

3. Vladimir Guerrero Jr

He is first baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays. He made his debut to the MLB in 2019. He is an amazing hitter and hit 48 homeruns. He is great with hitting fast balls that are going at a speed of 95 mph. He hit 274 balls going above that speed and lead the American League in on base percentage. He has really made a great impression for only being in the MLB for two years.

Looking at 2022

It will be interesting to see how these players preform in the 2022 season. These players all had an impressive season in 2021, and I wonder if they can preform even better in the upcoming season. If the lockout situation gets figured out, it will be fun to follow along with these players this season and their outstanding stats.