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The 2022 Major League Baseball season began a couple a weeks ago, so I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on the teams standings. Currently, in the American League the teams that are in the lead in their division are the Cleveland Guardians, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Los Angeles Angels. In the National League the Saint Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in leading their division. Overall, the team with the most wins throughout both leagues is the New York Mets. As of right now the Mets have 10 wins and only 4 losses. The team with the worst record is the Cincinnati Reds. They have the most losses between all of the teams right now with currently 11 losses and only 2 wins.

The Brewers are currently in second place in the central division and only have one less win than the Saint Louis Cardinals. The Brewers currently have had 8 wins and 5 losses so far this season. They have had a rough start to the season, but hopefully as the season goes on they will start to perform better and be more consistent. A few updates on the Brewers players is that right now Andrew McCutchen has the highest batting average for the team at .261. Willy Adames and Rowdy Tellez each have 7 runs for the team which is the most out of all of the other players. Tellez also has 3 home runs for the Brewers which is the most out of everyone else.

Below is a little information on the standings for the Brewers Players:

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  1. It’s been a fun season so far, brewers are doing great. Im in shock how seiya Suzuki from the cubs is doing, he looks unstoppable

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