What’s New?

The new Major League season is approaching. There are a few new rules this 2022 season that you should know about.

To start off, the rosters are now 28 players instead of the original 26 players. This will be in effect between both sides until May 2nd. The reasoning behind this is because the lockout lasted long, and it gives the teams some time to find their completed roster without a rush.

Another new rule is that the pitcher can be the designated hitter for the whole game even if they stop pitching. This lets the pitcher stay in the game without having to pitch all nine innings.

There will now be a universal designated hitter. Now there will be designated hitters in both the American and National League. This is definitely one of the bigger changes to the MLB this year and will be interesting to see it come into action.

Now when there are extra innings there will be an automatic runner that starts on second base. This was a new rule due to the pandemic and it continues through the 2022 season as well.

Lastly, when there is a doubleheader games will be nine innings now. They used to be seven for the last couple of seasons because of the pandemic, but they now have changed back to nine.

These new changes to Major League Baseball will make for an exciting 2022 season. The new season is just around the corner and I am very excited. I will be going to my first MLB game of the season in just a couple weeks for a Brewer game. That time of year is finally coming!

5 thoughts on “What’s New?”

  1. I can’t wait for the season to start. I honestly did not think that there would be a season with all the disputes between the players and the players’ union. In addition, all the rule changes will be very interesting along with some players joining new teams via free agency or by trade. Go St. Louis Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays!

  2. I was not aware of these changes, but I think that the changes are great for multi position players. Can’t wait to watch the Brewers this season!

  3. I do like how they switched back to 9 innings for double header games. While at times the game can be slow I think this gives a better experience for fans and a better chance of winning for both teams!

  4. Thank you so much for going through all the rules for this season, I had no idea they increased roster size. So glad 9 inning double headers are a thing again, idk how I feel about the extra inning runner on second rule, makes it seem like little league. If we want to make games shorter just get rid of commercials don’t change the game

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