The Best MLB Food

One of my favorite things about going to a baseball game is the food. Whether it be the ice cold soda, nachos, or hotdogs I always leave full. I have been to a variety of MLB stadiums and i have tried many different foods. One thing that I wish is that it would not be so expensive to eat. Last year, when I went to a few games I would easily spend around twenty to thirty dollars just on food. If it was a little more affordable to eat at the ballpark that would be nice. Even drinks are so expensive! It is like five dollars for a fountain drink and around ten for a beer. Crazy!

I found a list of a few of the fan favorite ballparks just for their food! Here are the top three.

1.Seattle Mariners

Look at those delicious fries!

2. Minnesota Twins

Bloody Marys! With Hamburger sliders? Wow!

3. New York Mets

Not just your plain old ice cream. Ice cream in a tasty glove!

I have been to both the Seattle Mariners and Minnesota Twins ballparks. From what I remember is that the food was nothing short of amazing. I loved getting to try all the different foods while watching the baseball game. It honestly is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I cannot wait to try more ballparks food in the future. I would say that out of all professional sports, baseball has the best food options. They usually have regular stadium food and also restaurants throughout the stadium making it easy for someone to find something they like.

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