Top Paid MLB Players

Major League Baseball players get paid millions of dollars. I will be discussing some of the top paid players in 2022. To start off the number one paid Player is Max Scherzer. Scherzer has a three year contract with the New York Mets and it is $130,0000,000. On average his yearly salary is around 43 million. He is a pitcher for the Mets and makes the most money out of all the MLB players currently.

The next player that is paid the most is Corey Seager. He plays for the Texas Rangers and has a 10 year contract with them at $325,000,000. His average yearly salary is $32,500,000. He is a shortstop and is known for has a lot of experience in the MLB post season making him a valuable player.

In third place for the top paid players is Anthony Rendon. He has a 7 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels for $245,000,000. His average salary is more than Seagers, but the contract amount is less. He is a third baseman and makes around $35,000,000 a year.

Other top paid players in 2022 include Gerrit Cole for the Yankees, Mike Trout for the Angels, Carlos Correa for the twins, and Miguel Cabrera for the Tigers. All of these players all have annual salaries over $30,000,000.

The top teams that pay their players the most are the New York Mets and Yankees, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The MLB players that get paid the least are from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Oakland Athletics, Baltimore Orioles, and Arizona Diamondbacks. Since I am a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers I decided to look into what rank they are in for payroll and they were towards the bottom. They were in 20th place and there are 30 teams in the MLB.