The Best MLB Parks

I have been to many different Major League Ballparks. I would have to say that my favorite one was the Miami Marlins stadium. I like how spacious it was and the view of downtown Miami is very beautiful. The weather was really nice the day I went to the stadium so it was enjoyable to go up to the top of the stadium and look at the view. They also have a roof so when it gets unbearably hot they can close it, and everyone can be at a comfortable temperature in the stadium. The Milwaukee Brewers also have a closing roof in their stadium, but that is mostly because of how cold it gets there. It is really nice to know that I will not be freezing or super hot when I am watching a baseball game. That is one reason I like the American Family Field where the Milwaukee Brewers currently play at.

Below I put together a list of some of the top MLB ballparks.

San Fransisco Giants

I have been to Oracle Park where the San Fransisco Giants play. I actually went there for one of the games for the World Series back in 2014. It is such a pretty stadium with a great backdrop of the Ocean. If the weather is not to cold it is truly a great experience.

Chicago Cubs

Even if you are not a Chicago Cubs fan you should definitely go check it out. It is a great experience filled with many different baseball traditions. This stadium is the second to oldest MLB stadium which gives it a unique architecture.

Kansas City Royals

I have been to Kauffman Stadium a few different times. They have pretty fountains located in the outfield and a big score screen with a crown on top. The lights in the stadium make it a great time when it is a night game.

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