The Lockout is Over!

Good news for MLB players and fans!

MLB fans and I were so excited to hear the news that the MLB lockout is now over. This past Wednesday there was an agreement to end the lockout. There will be a 2022 MLB season! I was starting to get worried that there would be no baseball this year, because it was not looking too good with the lockout situation. Now that the season is back on I will definitely be going to a few games this season as well as watching them on the TV.

A little background on my interest in baseball is that I never used to be a Milwaukee Brewers baseball fan until I moved to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area around six years ago. I have been a Kansas City Royals fan for many years now, but I have started to grow into a Brewers fan the longer I have lived here. I am planning on going to a few Milwaukee Brewers game this summer as well as in the fall. I went to a handful of games last season and it was an amazing time. I love getting to go to these games with my family and friends while being able to watch a great game of baseball.

It is great to know that the MLB season is back on and this has made many fans and I excited for the 2022 season to begin. Spring training is set to start back up around the middle of March, and on April 7th the season is supposed to officially start. Fans be ready, baseball is back!

3 thoughts on “The Lockout is Over!”

  1. BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!!! Im super excited for this upcoming season an all the rule changes? I can’t wait for the universal DH

  2. Finally! I was getting the notifications the other day about all of the trades and players signing to different teams. Hopefully, McCutchen can help out the Brewers this year! Gonna be interesting to see if the true Yelich is back.

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