Still Time to Apply for the LTC’s Spring 2019 Adaptive Learning Project!

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There is still time to apply for the LTC’s Spring 2019 Adaptive Learning Project using Cerego

Instructors participating in the adaptive learning project will receive a stipend to compensate the work they put into their course redesign. If all required components are completed, participating instructors can expect to receive a stipend of $1000.

Instructors have flexibility in determining the course in which to implement the adaptive learning platform. By taking part in the project, instructors agree to fully participate in, and complete, all project requirements. The following semester-by-semester breakdown conveys the expectations for participating instructors:

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Cerego Phone App

Fall 2018

  • Attend faculty development sessions with LTC staff (dates TBD); and
  • Create, and present, a detailed plan for use that specifies how adaptive learning will be used in one Spring 2019 course.

Winterim 2018-2019

  • Revise detailed plan for use, and submit revised plan to LTC.

Spring 2019

  • Conduct at least one course using adaptive learning (as described in your plan for use); and
  • Complete early semester “check-in” form for LTC staff; and
  • Attend faculty development session focused on sharing experiences using adaptive learning (date TBD); and
  • Support the LTC in administering an end-of-semester (IRB approved) survey about the course to students.

Summer 2019

  • Complete video reflection on using adaptive learning in the course. This video reflection will be scheduled during late Spring semester or Summer 2019, at your convenience. The purpose of the video reflection is to share what was learned with other instructors who may be interested in using adaptive learning in the future.

Ready to get started? See the full call for participants, and apply here.

Need more information on the project? Attend an information session or contact the Learning Technology Center.

Need more information on Cerego and student learning? Read about how instructors at Western Idaho transformed their Microbiology course using Cerego.

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