How Meal Planning Can Save Money

How Meal Planning Can Save Money

In a few of our previous blogs we have discussed great meal planning ideas. However, we have not touched on how meal planning is actually a great way to save money. As we know, eating healthy can be expensive at times. You want to fuel your body with good foods in order for you to feel great both physically and mentally. However, when you are limited to a budget this can be a difficult task to complete. That is why you should consider meal planning! Meal planning is an amazing way to remain healthy while also saving your bank account at the same time. It’s always good to save money, so this blog should be helpful to anyone! Below is a list of ways meal prepping can help save you the money you’re working hard to make as well as some fun facts about meal planning in general. 

Fun Facts: 

  • On average, meal planning can help you save $1,600 on groceries a year. 
    • Meal planning helps you save time cooking since you are making meals for multiple days in a row. Having leftovers is quick and easy while also a great way to avoid going out to eat and spending extra money you don’t need to be.
  • Meal planning makes you much more efficient.
    • Preparing your meals beforehand allows you to not only be more efficient in the kitchen, but also stay on top of your health goals and journey. With meal planning you are able to know how you are going to use your leftovers and when.
  • Opens the door to variety.
    • In my experience with meal prep, I almost always am looking for new recipes online to make. This has allowed me to mix it up in the kitchen and try new things. When you have the proper ingredients ahead of time it is so simple to follow a recipe and try new foods consistently. The variety is my favorite part of meal planning.
  • Allows you to use up your ingredients to avoid waste. 
    • As I mentioned above, meal planning helps with efficiency. Since you know when and where you will be eating each meal you are more likely to avoid food waste. Oftentimes food will go bad in the fridge if you do not have a solid plan of when you will be cooking it. Meal prep helps you have to purchase less food and put the food you do buy to purposefully use. 

As stated before, we have various blogs about meal planning up on our blog site! If you want to read more about how to start meal prepping or all of the benefits click here. Something I am personally starting to do in 2022 is try something new every month. This helps me form new healthy habits and get out of my comfort zone. Meal prepping is not something I commonly do on a weekly basis. However, trying it out this month has really helped me save time and money. Due to this, I plan on continuing to do it and encourage you to try it out as well! Remember, it cannot hurt to try something new every once in a while! 

Do not get discouraged, 

Cora Shircel