Simple Ways to Start

Simple Ways to Start

For a lot of people working out and going to the gym can be very intimidating. What makes it a lot easier to be confident in the gym is knowing where to start. Whether you are looking for a great lifting plan or a simple cardio workout, we all have to start somewhere! In today’s blog I am going to be talking about simple ways to start gaining confidence at the gym and feeling comfortable in front of others. We will cover both weight lifting tips and cardio as well. Below is a list of starters! 

Easy Ways to Start: 

● Get help from professionals 

○ Not everyone can afford to hire a personal trainer at the gym. However, another great option is seeking workout tips from professionals for free via various social media platforms. YouTube has an abundance of workout classes and exercise tips to offer. Instagram is also filled with profiles that focus solely on working out for beginners. I personally learned all my weight lifting tips from fitness Instagramers! 

● Start with cardio 

○ Oftentimes weight lifting can be a bit much for beginners. If you feel this way, start going to the gym and just doing cardio workouts. The treadmill and elliptical are easy options to get a great workout in without having to know the ins and outs of weight training. 

● Abdominal workouts

○ Doing a quick ab workout at the end of your gym session is another easy way to incorporate your core (especially if you are not weight lifting). Doing 30 minutes to an hour of cardio followed by 5-15 minutes of abs is a great starting point! 

● Keep yourself occupied 

○ Working out can get boring so make sure you bring headphones so that you can listen to music or watch tv/videos on your phone while you exercise. I know for me personally, I love to watch YouTube while I do cardio and I prefer to listen to music while lifting weights. 

These are just a few of my favorite tips I share with people when they start going to the gym. If you are a beginner it is normal to be a little uncomfortable the first few times at the gym. Once you get through the first few sessions you will start loving it! 

Do not get discouraged. 

Cora Shircel