Fitness and Mental Health

We all know that our physical health is very important. However, what is even more important than our physical health is our mental health. You can be in the best shape of your life, but you will still not be able to function or perform to the best of your abilities if your mental health is not in line. Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. Keeping your mental health intact is of utmost importance during your childhood and adolescent years as well as during your adulthood. In today’s blog we will be discussing fitness in relation to mental health. In other words, how working out and staying active can do wonders for not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Below is a list of ways your mental health can improve simply from staying active.

Mental Health Benefits Due to Staying Active

● Higher Self-Esteem
○ Being consistent in the gym definitely helps your physical abilities and your appearance. What it also aids in is your mental health. Going to the gym or getting some sort of exercise can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. This will lead to a greater sense of self-worth allowing you to meet your goals and feel better about yourself as a whole.

● Boosted Energy Levels
○ Although you may think that going to the gym will strip you of all your energy for the day it’s actually quite the opposite. Increasing your heart rate leads to higher energy levels overall. These boosted energy levels will help your mental health thrive. So next time you are feeling low on energy, hit the gym, go for a walk, or whatever you pleasure.

● Sharper Memory
○ As you may have heard in your high school psychology class, being active releases endorphins. Endorphins are considered to be natural painkillers. In times of stress, releasing endorphins is a great way to reduce anxiety and minimize discomfort. Endorphins also help you concentrate and think deeper. Therefore, being active releases endorphins that will aid in sharper thinking and memory.

● Deeper Sleep
○ We all know getting a good night’s sleep is very important to our mental and physical health. Releasing energy through exercise is a great way to help you sleep successfully. Staying active will help your body rest well at night.

● Psychological Resilience
○ If you are struggling with mental and emotional challenges in life exercise is a great way to build resilience and cope in a healthy manner. Rather than relying on drugs or alcohol, stay active to build up that resilience during hard times. Not only that, but exercising will boost your immune system which will in turn reduce the impact of stress on the body and on your mental health.

With all of this being said it is so important to prioritize your mental health. Don’t get down on yourself if you miss a day in the gym, but if you are anxious rather than staying home and feeling sad go relieve some stress at the gym or on a run. Remember it is okay to have a bad day.

Do not get discouraged.

Cora Shircel

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