Being Smart About Holiday Eating!

As we all know the holidays are approaching which means it is not a great time to start dieting. There are ways to be smart about it though and one of the main ways is to not expect that you will lose weight during the holiday season. You can remain committed to healthy diet and exercise but reconcile the fact that you probably won’t lose weight. I know for many of us who live on campus it is a treat to go home and eat your favorite meals as well as eat a lot of Christmas cookies. There are ways to slowly avoid the “holiday-fifteen” and stay healthy, while still enjoying your favorite holiday foods. In this blog we will be discussing tips and tricks as to how to eat smart during the holidays!

• Don’t starve yourself during the day if you plan on eating a lot that evening
→ You can choose to eat lighter during the day but skipping meals will cause your metabolism to slow and you will likely overeat in the evening.

• Watch your portions!
→ Enjoying buffets during the holidays can be difficult because you feel the need to fill your plate. Only take foods you really enjoy and remember you can always get more!

• Drink lots of water
→ Not only is water an essential aspect to having a healthy diet, but substituting water for alcohol, soda, and sugary drinks are easy to grab at holiday parties. Drinking fluids with empty calories is not beneficial and can cause you to want to overeat.

• Don’t eat just because you’re bored
→ It is far better to occupy your mind and find something to do rather than overeat when there is nothing else to do.

• Prepare for the holiday temptations
→ Commit to only having one desert or one serving.

• Eat snacks that are not full of sugar
→ Eat veggies instead of bread or crackers and serve them with hummus or salsa. Healthy nuts like almonds and pistachios are good substitutes as well for things like Chex mix and chips.

• Have a plan to lose weight after the holidays
→ Sources say that the average person gains at least a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. You can get back on track and make small and realistic changes, but don’t set yourself up for failure.

It can be extremely difficult to lose weight, but especially during the holidays it can be much harder. Just remember to not set yourself up for failure and use these tips so you can still enjoy your favorite holiday meals and snacks! Eat smart this holiday season Warhawks!

Strive for progress not perfection!

Kayla Withrow

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