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Yoga PhotoBy: Eric Hess

When I first heard of the group fitness classes that are offered here at Whitewater, to be honest, I didn’t really think too much of them. I thought that they were only for people who aren’t really in shape and just needed a group to motivate them. Boy was I wrong. The one class that I found surprisingly difficult was yoga. I have taken a yoga class a few times now, and I was sore in places I didn’t know I could be the next day; however, I am not only am I sore, but I am most surprisingly relaxed. The class is about an hour long, with roughly 45 working minutes and 15 resting minutes at the end called a ‘savasana’.

The class is very well taught by individuals who are chosen and trained by Warhawk Fitness staff. I give a lot of credit to the individuals who teach these classes! I can tell it takes a ton of strength, endurance and concentration to teach the classes!

I came into the class also thinking that I was somewhat flexible…after all, I could touch my toes. Once again, I was wrong. There were poses that I was shaking while trying to hold! Thankfully I wasn’t the only one!  The amount of core that you use during this class is also unreal. You do so much balancing that it is an ab workout within itself.

Now I don’t want to intimidate you at all, because these classes are ‘challenge by choice’—you can stop at any point to take a break if they are too challenging. You don’t have to push yourself as hard as the instructors or other people taking the class either, and no one looks at you any differently. It is a very accepting and motivating environment. AND, it is not only for girls!

I truly cannot say enough good things about group fitness classes here at Whitewater. We have an amazing program this it utilized pretty heavily already. There are classes for everyone. If something sounds interesting, grab a friend and try it out. Don’t be nervous either, everyone is very welcoming and helpful. You can push yourself at your own rate, and the classes are appropriate for every fitness level. Oh, and make sure to show up a little early, because most of the classes fill up pretty quick! Here is a link to the schedule of classes!

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-Eric Hess

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