Halloween is just around the corner, which means haunted houses are up and running! Some people really get into this holiday and love every second of it, while others (such as myself) hate it. I’m not saying I hate Halloween in general, but when you add haunted houses into the picture, I am out. I’m the one in the friend group that gets scared just by someone jumping out from around the corner, which is the reason haunted houses and I don’t mix well. This is why I have come up with three arguments for why haunted houses are the worst!

1. You feel like you are constantly being watched

If you have ever been to a haunted house, you know that there are people all around ready to scare, you. From being in line, to going into the haunted house, there are people in costumes everywhere. There is that constant feeling that you are being watched, and if you are like myself, you are aware of your surroundings the whole time in line so you aren’t the one being scared.

2. Your true colors showPicture1

Many people act tough when they arrive to the haunted house, but once they get inside their true colors show. Some of the tough guys that you wouldn’t think would get scared inside are the ones that end up screaming like little girls. Some people even act differently, like myself. When I go to haunted places I get super talkative and look like it’s no big deal, but on the inside I am terrified. I have never been a big fan of people in costumes that run after you. It makes me question why people want to get voluntarily scared! It just stresses me out!

3. People in costumes chase you

WHY?! Imagine a creepy child or man in a serial killer outfit chasing you. I get it that people love to get their adrenaline going, but having them chase you is not okay! Another one is being in a haunted corn maze and getting trapped by a guy with a chainsaw. Obviously there’s nothing on the chainsaw, but the thought that the guy behind the mask could actually be crazy freaks me out! I don’t see the joy in that at all!


Haunted houses are definitely the worst part of Halloween. I enjoy the fall weather and kids going around getting candy, but the whole “Let’s go to a haunted house!” idea is out of the picture for me! Kudos to you if love going to them! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I went to another one! Haunted houses will always be at the bottom of my list for activities to do in the fall!