By: Josh Jacobi

The University Center (UC) hosts many events each semester designed to give the student body a chance to leave their dorms and do something. Events like hosting comedians or live musical performances in the Down Under, showing movies in Summers Auditorium every weekend, art workshops in the Warhawk Connection Center (WCC), or even bigger events to kick off the semester like Glow Night or Winterfest. Have you ever wondered who organizes these events and how much effort they put into ensuring they are fun for the students? Events are organized by a group called UC Live.

What is UC Live?

UC Live is the on-campus group of students who work to plan, advertise, and run events around the UC. UC Live consists of 8-10 students divided into four different forms of events (Art Workshops, Movies, Down Under, and Special Events). UC Live is also managed by Elizabeth Garthwaite, who was recently featured on the latest “Now UC Us” blog.

How do Events get Planned?

These events are all planned by the students working in that type of event and approved by the supervisor.

  • The people in the Movies department plan out the movies for the semester along with any incentive to have with the movies.
  • The folks in the Special Events department plan out what type of event they want, how the event will work, the kind of prizes for the winner(s), and any catering to go with the event.
  • The people that plan art workshops decide on what craft students may want to make/decorate, what supplies are needed for that craft, and if they want that event to be catered.
  • Down Under events are a little more complicated. They research various performers, reach out to the ones they believe will be well-liked among students, discuss available dates and negotiate a contract. Input from the students across UC Live social media is always considered when planning these events.

What happens after Events are Planned?

 After events are planned, it’s time to advertise. Graphics requests are sent to the UC Graphics Office for approval and making. Once graphics are made, they are used as either posters that get put up across campus or on social media posts for UC Live. Themed events may also boost advertisement by making promotional videos that later get posted on social media. UC Live may also post social media giveaways or incentives to give students a reason to go to the events.

What does Running an Event look like?

To start, people get assigned events based on whose event it is. At least one person from that department works at that event. Whoever is working the event shows up around an hour before the event to get everything set up and ready to go. DU events are different compared to other events in setup. The event host shows up 2 hours before ensuring the performer gets there and settles in before helping the rest of the crew set up. The host and performer designate a meeting spot either in or by the UC. To set up a DU event, the tables get placed into the closet to make room for more chairs to give more of a stage feel for the performer. While the crew is setting up the space, the performer gets their act on stage and performs tech testing (tests the mic and speakers, for example). Tech Crew is typically there before UC Live because they have more to set up. Back to all events, once everything is set up, around 15-20 mins before the event, students begin to get checked in. Students get checked in because it gives UC Live the number of students that attended the event. With this information, plans for the next semester can be made based on what events were popular in the previous semester. Throughout the event, UC Live staff make sure that everything is going smoothly and that nothing is preventing the event from happening or interfering with the event or performer(s). After the event, clean up occurs, meaning the area is cleaned up, any signs are changed, and posters for that event are taken down. For DU events, the tables get brought back out, and the host has the performer sign the contract drawn up, pays the performer, and escorts them back to their car.

What Other Departments Host Events?

Warhawk Alley hosts bowling leagues and tournaments along with video game and billiards competitions with exciting prizes. Roberta’s Art Gallery puts on various exhibits to draw awareness to those events and to display students’ work for all to enjoy. Finally, every UC department contributes to the beginning of the semester events such as Glow Night and Winterfest.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how much effort these students put into planning, advertising, and running the UC. Events in the UC are all FREE for students with their HawkCard! These events are top-notch and guaranteed to leave you with a smile. So I encourage you to attend these events, make friends, and have a good time this semester. To learn more about upcoming events, check out UC Live on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok or look up the calendar on the UC Live website.