It doesn’t matter if you are a Freshman or a Senior, being homesick at college is a widespread feeling amongst students of all ages. This blog is a guide on solutions to feel better about being away from home.

The first step is to understand what homesickness means. NBC News describes homesickness as, “a lack of security and familiarity. As students adjust to a new environment, it makes sense that they might start to miss home. And there are a few different variables that can predict, impact, or worsen homesickness, including:

  • A lack of experience with living away from home.
  • Control over the transition.
  • Attitude toward the transition.
  • Response from the family.”

Although being homesick can cause students to feel alone, it is essential to recognize that it is NORMAL to feel homesick and that so many students feel the same way. Here are some steps on how to combat this temporary feeling:

Reach out for support

  • Be sure to check in with your family at least weekly; if not daily. 
  • Text friends from back home.
  • Talk to your roommate/college friends.
  • Reach out to the counselors on campus.

Familiarize yourself

  • Take walks around campus to gain familiarity with where everything is
  • Decorate your room with familiar items; photos of family, blanket from your room at home, etc.
  • Get to know your RA and the people living in your dorm, you will see these people every day!

Keep yourself busy

  • Make plans with friends to go to events on campus
  • Study for upcoming quizzes/exams
  • Start a new show with your roommate 
  • Join a club on campus
  • Apply for an on-campus job
  • Create to-do lists every day to keep yourself organized

There are many ways to cure homesickness or make you feel better about being away from home. Never feel ashamed of being homesick. I always think of the Winnie the Pooh quote instead, “ How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. Never forget the best cure for homesickness is going home to visit.

If you are still having a hard time adjusting to school after trying our tips to help with homesickness, don’t be afraid to reach out to UW-W Health Services to schedule a counseling appointment. They are there to help you adjust and come up with a plan allowing you to do so! Click here for more information.