Why have a job on campus rather than off campus?

College and “adulting” isn’t cheap – we all have expenses. What if I told you by working on campus you not only earn the cash you need but get a great deal more? “I think one of the best decisions I ever made in college was getting a part-time job on campus” shared UC Employee, Rachel Roskopf.

Rachel shared these reasons why it is so great:

  1. Coworkers
    1. Having a job on campus guarantees that you’ll be working with not only professional, full-time staff, but also with other college students. Having a job on campus gives you an opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle.
  2. Great supervisors
    1. Campus managers and supervisors can provide guidance, be mentors and offer you great advice to help you through your college experience and transitions, and be great references when applying for scholarships, internships, jobs post-college, or grad school.
  3. Close to “home”
    1. Having a job on campus means no car is needed if you live on campus! This means you can work between classes. You don’t have to worry about an awful commute every day or gas prices.
  4. Academics remain a priority
    1. Because you’re working on campus, your boss will understand that academics are your priority. Some positions will allow you to do homework while you are working once the work is done (just check in with your supervisor since this isn’t the case with all campus jobs).
  5. Learn time management
    1. By having a job, you learn quickly to prioritize your time and be even more responsible so that all homework and other responsibilities are taken care of. This can take time to learn, and on-campus employment helps ease you into structuring your time so that you are getting done everything you need to.
  6. MONEY
    1. Who doesn’t want or need cash every 2 weeks??
  7. Flexibility
    1. When assigned hours, most departments on campus can work around your class schedules.
  8. Work experience
    1. Having an on-campus job gives you work experience, skills and history that will support your career. No matter what you do, you will be gaining real life skills and a job to add to your resume. Skills that employers are looking for post-college such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication…etc are all skills you will gain from on-campus employment.

So how do you find a job on campus?

Whether you have work study or not, there are great opportunities on campus in a variety of locations and many types of work.

  1. Have a killer resume
    1. Don’t have one? No worries. Check out the Career Services website or call for a free appointment to help (262) 472-1471.
  2. Learn and use Handshake
    1. Handshake is a free campus job board and so much more.  You use your Net ID/password to login and by searching for “partime” and “Whitewater” in the filters, you can learn about open jobs. Quick guide is found here: https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/categories/202711128-Students-Alumni
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate
    1. Respond to emails promptly, read them completely, and do as asked to set up interviews or apply.
  4. Take it seriously
    1. Prepare for your interview – you will get one!  How?
      1.  Practice with InterviewStream found here: https://www.uww.edu/career/interviewing
      2. Dress to impress (online or in person)! Check out the Warhawk Success Closet for great free clothing options! Swing by Career Services to check it out.
      3. Have some questions prepared to ask during your interview. What are they looking for?  What are the next steps? You always want at least 2-3 questions prepared so you can show that you are also interested in learning more about the job. Don’t forget, interviews are two-sided, and you are also trying to make sure this position is right for you.
  5. Take advantage of ways to grow personally
    1. Check out Career Services, attend events in the UC, and join a student organization! The more ways you are involved on campus, the more opportunities you’ll discover through people you meet.