Whether you picked up your Take and Make kit from outside of Roberta’s Art Gallery or are checking out this craft on your own time, for your Cloud Dough craft you should have the following materials:


  • Scented Conditioner
  • Corn Starch
  • A sealable container

Step 1:

Put a few tablespoons of conditioner into your sealable container.

Step 2: 

Add a small amount of cornstarch to the conditioner, mixing until there is no more visible


Step 3:

Progressively add more cornstarch and mix until it is a fluffy consistency that is not sticky.

Pro tip: If your cloud dough feels crumbly, add more conditioner. If it’s too sticky to hold, add more cornstarch.

Now, enjoy your pleasantly scented cloud dough! This is a great thing to use as a stress reliever, or even build your own shapes with. As always, just keep crafting!