It’s a new month, and with a new month comes the opportunity for a fresh start. During these trying times we not only should make sure we are taking care of ourselves physically, but mentally as well. I created a list I personally like to call the “30-Day Self-Care Challenge” to help whoever needs some self-care tips to help become their best self. You can start this challenge today, February 1st, or anytime the future! The items in this challenge can be completed in any order that you would like as well!

  1.  List 5 things you love about yourself
  2. Make a vision board for your future goals
  3.  Carry a water bottle everywhere you go and drink more water
  4.  Unfollow and unsubscribe from any social media accounts that don’t bring you joy
  5.  Start a gratitude journal
  6. Treat yourself to your favorite meal, no matter how healthy or unhealthy it is 
  7.  Implement a new healthy habit
  8.  Do a workout you enjoy
  9.  Write out 3 positive affirmations and hang them on a mirror
  10.  Make chores more fun to do
  11.  Meditate for 10 minutes
  12. Keep all meals phone/technology free
  13. Do something creative
  14.  Organize your study space
  15.  Try a new workout you have never done before
  16.  Get dressed up today, even if you aren’t going anywhere
  17.   Write down 3 great things that happened today (no matter how small they are!)
  18.  Make a playlist of your favorite songs
  19.  Declutter one area of your home
  20.  Try a new recipe you have always wanted to make
  21.  Give someone a genuine compliment
  22. No social media before 11 AM 
  23.  Do a random act of kindness
  24. Go outside, even if it’s for a few moments
  25.  Have a phone-free night with family/friends
  26.  Call a friend or family member
  27.  Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal
  28.  Have an at-home spa day
  29.  Listen to an uplifting podcast
  30.  Practice pausing and be mindful to focus on the present

Here are a couple of bonus days to bring good thoughts and habits into next month as well!

  • Try a breathing exercise
  •  Start a new book you have been meaning to try
  • Schedule when you plan to prioritize self-care after you finish this list 

Sometimes you need to step back from all of the craziness happening in the world and in your life to take the time to prioritize you. Self-care isn’t selfish. Be kind to yourself, even when you don’t want to be. Even after completing this list, remember to take the time to put yourself first each and every day.