As the cold weather continues and winter break comes to an end, it is easy to feel like there is nothing to do. The days are shorter, a lot of the vegetation outside is dead, and not many people enjoy being outside in freezing weather. As someone who enjoys staying active, I have created a list of fun winter activities to do, both inside and outside, during our Wisconsin snowy season.

Before I share my list, I want to remind everyone that these are just suggestions, and that not everyone may like these things. Take the time to get to know yourself and understand some actives that YOU like to do. This list included both mental and physical stimulation, which is always something to think about when it’s winter.

Things to do this snowy season:

  • Snow tubing at Cascade Mountain. This is a great day trip idea! Cascade Mountain is in Portage, WI. You can find their website at
  • Take a furry friend to the Whitewater dog park right by campus.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Have a movie night.
  • Cook a meal for you and your friends/roommates.
  • Bake a new dessert.
  • Visit some local Whitewater shop websites to see what they have.
  • Explore the towns that surround Whitewater. Places like Palmyra, Dousman, Oconomowoc, Beloit, Wales, East Troy, Mukwonago, Delavan, Lake Geneva, and more!
  • Create a personal planner.
  • Go bowling in Warhawk Alley. Make sure to book a time slot using the UW-W app!
  • Read that book you have always wanted to.
  • Go sledding at a nearby park.
  • Update your resume so it’s ready for the spring career fair.
  • Host a Zoom or Webex dinner/Packer party with your long-distance friends.
  • Write handwritten letters to your loved ones and mail them out. The UC Info Services Desk sells stamps and will mail your letter for you!
  • Have a dance party to your favorite throwback songs!
  • Try a new at home workout.
  • Look for virtual performances done by Whitewater or local theaters, bands and orchestras! You can visit this website for more information on local things happening in the Whitewater community!
  • Start a new TV series that you find interesting.
  • Visit an Ice Castle in Lake Geneva, WI. They will be opening up this attraction starting in mid-January, tickets can be purchased starting now! For more information on ticket prices and dates, visit!
  • Have fun, and also be safe!

Although it may seem like there is nothing to do, I hope this list of ideas helps you see that there is! It can be hard to think of things during the cold winter months, and sometimes, all we need is a little push in the right direction. Remember to take some time to yourself this winter season, and to keep thinking outside of the box on ways to have fun!

If you are especially feeling down and the need to talk to someone, please visit the University Health and Counseling Services website at to find out more information on how to set up an appointment.