Whether you are planning to spend the holiday with your significant other, or your close friends, you can have fun and show how much you appreciate them on a college budget!

Make homemade chocolate strawberries, together!

 Strawberries only cost about $5 a pound and depending on the baking chocolate you buy, it can be about $2. You could end up making lots of chocolate covered strawberries for less than $10! Plus, it’s a lot of fun to do together.

Prepare Your Own Dinner and Dress Up

Going out to dinner can be pricey, and it’s hard to get reservations or you have to wait a long time before being seated. Instead make your favorite meal and dress up! That way you can do it out of the comfort of your home. You could make a dessert together and relax by renting a movie from Redbox or Amazon!

Give a Potted Plant


Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers, give a potted plant! The plant will live a lot longer than a bouquet and you could end up spending a lot less. You can order easy plants to take care of like succulents or cactus plants for less than $10. Then, you have a beautiful plant that lives long and fits your budget.

Just Have Dessert 


Instead of going out to dinner and spending a lot of money, why not just go out for dessert? Even if you go to a nice restaurant, you can enjoy a nice dessert for around $10 and still dress up and enjoy the atmosphere.

Catch a Movie In the UC


Movies in the UC are only $1 with your HawkCard! How could you pass up an affordable date like this?! Head down to Summers Auditorium, grab some popcorn, and settle in for a nice movie for your Valentine’s Day.