Too often I hear students complain about there not being enough to do on campus or in Whitewater in general. Every time I hear this I think “You must not be looking too hard” because there is such a variety of things that students can do to get involved on campus. I’m going to focus on one of the most entertaining activities that Warhawk Alley has to offer, the Student Bowling Leagues.

Student Bowling Leagues allow a team of two friends to compete against other teams for prizes and more importantly, bragging rights. Students who take part in Student Bowling Leagues will get a Warhawk Alley t-shirt and a commemorative magnet just for participating. If your team wins, then you can get your hands on a coveted UW-W Intramural Champions shirt. These prizes don’t compare to the fun and memories you’ll create with your teammate and the new friends you’ll almost certainly make while competing. The best part is you don’t need any prior bowling experience to enjoy everything our leagues have to offer!

You might be thinking “What all comes with Student Bowling Leagues?”. Well, for the low price of $50 per team, you get 10 weeks of bowling, a Warhawk Alley t-shirt for both team members, 3 games of bowling per week, and endless amounts of fun! Each team consists of 2 players and an optional alternate player in case one of your teammates can’t make it one week for any reason. You also have the option of a Sunday 7:00-8:30 pm or Friday 5:00-6:30 pm session to choose from. When you break down all of the costs, the total price per game comes out to 83 cents. That is an amazing deal for all of the bowling that you and a friend will get to do. You better hurry and sign up though, there’s only room for 8 teams per session! Don’t wait and miss out on an awesome experience!