College students are not only excited because finals are over, but we are also excited to go home and celebrate the holidays. We are looking forward to free laundry, food, and of course gifts. After a long semester, gifts are just another way into our hearts. This list describes what a college student is looking for in a gift before we go back to school.

  1. Headphones

The reason college students love headphones is because they block out all the noise and distractions. Noise-cancelling headphones are necessary if you want to walk to class or study in peace. Jamming to your favorite song for a moment to yourself is a big ‘yes’ in college.

  1. Fitbit or Smartwatch

College students may be poor, but we also want to stay with the trends! Fitbits and smart watches are some of the newest technology that are trending and super useful for college life. We can track our steps for our walk to class, easily see phone notifications, make calls, and even track our lack of sleep.

  1. Yeti Tumbler

To endure the long days working at school, it’s super helpful to have a hot coffee or cold water to help us stay awake. The Yeti tumbler is a great cup to have to bring to class to make sure you have hot coffee or ice-cold water that lasts all day. It can be a life saver when you didn’t get enough sleep, or you don’t want to spend precious Purple Points at the campus café or vending machine.

  1. Food Care Package

One of the best gifts a college student can receive is homemade or free food! For college students this is the holy grail of gifts. Some of us forget what it’s like to eat food that’s not frozen pizza, hotdogs, ramen, or Culver’s. There’s nothing like coming home to a fridge full of food. So, a great gift for college students is to send them back to school with leftovers or a few groceries.

  1. Money

College students love when they can get any support they can from their family after a stressful semester. Of course, we love the hugs and conversation that our families bring but another great gift to college students is money. This can be in the forms of gift cards to our favorite stores and restaurants or cash. It’s hard out here in the college world, so any gift that can help us get through the semester is a blessing.